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Writer’s Process Blogging Tour

received an email from an author friend Mary Ann Mhina inviting me to take part in a writer’s blogging tour. Intuitively I said yes although I wasn’t sure why until I explored the questions below and recognised the invitation as a gift. Having published my first book The Tao of Story

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Making Christmas

David and I were hand-delivering Christmas cards to friends in the small market town where we live – as we always do a day or two before Christmas. A couple of friends spotted us dropping-off their card and opened their front door and said, ‘hey, guys – come in for a cuppa.’ We

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Following The Yellow Brick Road

began writing stories from my life in a blog and I simply wrote whichever stories popped into my mind. I didn’t sit down and make a list of all the stories that I planned to tell and then tick them off one by one.

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  • I love the book - great read, lovely stories, profound insights - captivating and educating at the same time.

    Caroline Swain
  • This is a lovely story told with clarity and energy. I can see the place in my own imagination. The colds and the woolly hats were never a part of my own wild summer holidays, but I can just see you sneezing, walking and be-hatted. I love being able to read your stories, and you inspire me to write some too.

    Robyn Hewetson
  • Claire touches the hearts and minds in all of us. She tells stories that remind us of our greatness of spirit, our heroic nature, and which validate and affirm the essential goodness within us. At the same time, she validates and encourages our acceptance of our humanness, our vulnerabilities and our fears. Claire’s invitation is for us all to become more honest, open and authentic in the conversations we have and the stories we tell.

    Nick Williams

Author – Claire Taylor

Author – Claire Taylor

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